Key Aluminum Die Casting Machine Manufacturers

There are key manufacturers in the Aluminum Die Casting Machines Industry. While this page doesn't describe all of them, we hope to give you an overview and description of the major companies.


HPM Die casting equipmentHPM, one of the best die casting equipment manufacturers in the USA was founded in 1877 to make apple presses.  During World War II, HPM provided hydraulic technology support for US army. During the fast development of U.S.A., HPM turns to manufacture advance equipment including plastics injection molding machine, sheet extrusion lines and die-casting machines. The production bases of HPM were in Ohio (headquarter) and Schwerin in Germany.

Yizumi bought HPM’s intellectual property in March 2011. That included the right to use the HPM brand name, mechanical drawings, engineering designs and customer lists of plastics injection molding machine, die casting machine and extrusion machine, some high precise equipment. The acquisition of HPM intellectual property will definitely boost the progress of its technology innovation and international competitiveness. It is an important step to realize the plan of overseas R&D center in overseas countries.


IDRA Die casting equipment machinesIdra's expertise was born and has grown in cold chamber aluminum die casting machines. The experience accumulated in this field allowed Idra to widen its production  to injection molding machines and to zinc and magnesium alloys.

Idra manufacturing cells are built to last and are a clear sign of long held values – Quality, Sturdiness and Reliability. Couple this with a willingness to help the customers realize their objectives, working in close collaboration.





Italpresse Die Casting Machines EquipmentItalpresse USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Italpresse S.p.A. of Bagnatica, Italy. Italpresse has supplied hydraulic press systems to worldwide markets, including woodworking, automotive, aerospace, and composites for more than forty years, establishing it as an industry leader with products known for quality, value, and reliability.

ITALPRESSE was founded in 1954 by brothers Carlo and Fausto Sala, and is today the largest Italian manufacturer of presses and pressing plants for the woodworking, plastic and composite material industries. For more than 40 years, ITALPRESSE has been supplying the woodworking and plastic industries with successful solutions. Today, more than 50,000 ITALPRESSE machines are operating around the world.



BuhlerPrince Prince Buhler Die Casting MachinesBuhlerPrince (formerly IdraPrince) manufactures die casting machines and automation equipment for such processes as casting ejection and die clamping. The company's main product line includes horizontal cold-chamber and hot-chamber die casting machines. It supplies equipment to major automakers in the US. IdraPrince also services, upgrades, and rebuilds used die casting machines, even those manufactured by other companies. Originally known as Prince Machine, the company changed its name to IdraPrince in 2000 and to BuhlerPrince in 2006.

Products include the Revolution Two Platen machine, offering a number of innovations in die casting machine technology; cold chamber die cast machines, large units designed to make items such as engine blocks, transmission cases, gear boxes, clutch housings, and dashboards; hot chamber machines, appropriate for producing zinc, lead, and magnesium castings; and liquid metal squeeze cast systems, used to inject molten aluminum into a casting die. Other products include software to monitor the process of die casting; temperature controllers; vacuum systems to remove air and gases from a die; and a range of hydraulic presses. The company is also capable of producing custom-built die casting machines and assembling turnkey automated casting systems.